Changes to Policies and Prices for .ke domain names

Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC), the administrator of .ke top-level domains, has embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign to promote the local domain name reports Computerworld.

KENIC has formed a joint marketing team comprised of registrars and other technical experts that are interested in the growth of .ke, Vincent Ngundi, KENIC administrator told Computerworld.

KENIC has also reduced the cost of noncommercial domains and plans to reduce the cost of all domains within three years according to another Computerworld report.

The report says all, and domain names will cost 500 Kenyan shillings (US$7.58) per year, with other names to follow at the same price depending on the initial reaction to the discounted domains, said KENIC Chairman Anthony Mugambi.

The reduction in price is significant given the current price for these domain names is 2,000 shillings per year.

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