Changes to .is Registration Policies

ISNIC logoThe requirement for an Icelandic agent, ID number of registered agent when registering .is (ccTLD for Iceland) domain names is to be removed as of 29 October. However domestic registrations will still require ID numbers for legal reasons and tax purposes. There will be changes to who is able to be a reseller of .is domain names.

For resellers, there will be changes to enable resellers from abroad to sell .is domain names. ISNIC have provided an ISP application on their website to broaden the base of resellers of .is domains

Local agents will still be available for registrants such as foreign companies requiring a formal presence and for the protection of trademarks and logos, for example.

There will also be amendments regarding cancelling domain names that are to introduced shortly, with information to be provided on the ISNIC website as they become available.

For more information on .is domain names, see