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CentralNic Launches .XYZ and .WIKI gTLD Sunrises

CentralNic logoThe Sunrise periods have commenced for the .xyz and .wiki gTLDs, with .xyz commencing on 20 March.

The .xyz gTLD is being touted by CentralNic as “for every website, everywhere” with a mass market global appeal, low cost and a multi-million dollar promotional budget. The Sunrise is a 60 day end date Sunrise with .xyz an opportunity for corporate clients to secure their trademarks and protect their brands under the new generation generic domain.

And .wiki, unsurprisingly, is being touted by CentralNic as being for businesses to build their own Wiki pages.

Coming up in April, CentralNic is launching the Sunrise periods for .bar and .rest among others on the 9th aimed at bars and restaurants globally. The Sunrise will close on 7 June, followed by a Landrush from 9 June to 8 July and General Availability on 10 July.

And commencing 31 March is the Sunrise for .ink for the tattoo and ink related industries. Sunrise closes on 2 June, then a Landrish from 5 to 19 June followed by General Availability on 23 June.