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Centr News Looks At NETmundial And Study On Global Trade And Domain Registrations Link

CENTR small logoThe latest edition of Centr’s European ccTLD News was published in late April and includes updates on the NETmundial Produces Outcomes, Domain Name Demand and Global Trade, a DNSSEC introduction by video, European ccTLD Statistics, a Q&A with Pascal Vella and Clémence Davoust from AFNIC and ccTLD news highlights and statistics.

On the NETmundial conference held in Brazil, Centr’s update notes it “looked like a cross-over between an ICANN public forum and a multilateral conference, stakeholders were divided in 4 groups (civil society, Government, Technical community/academia, private sector)” with an “outcome … [that] can hardly be neglected.” And unlike WCIT 2013 where “government delegations were divided, NETmundial has shown them getting together and agreeing with the other stakeholders on a common set of principles.” It also “produced a tangible outcome.”

The process wasn’t perfect, with Centr noting “some of the process could be more transparent.”

The update concludes “NETmundial’s importance is that it brought together the different stakeholders on a level playing field more as equals than ever before. It will revive multistakeholder forums all over the world and gave the Internet Governance world a tangible outcome that can be used as guidance and as a To Do list. NETmundial easily exceeded most expectations.”

The update also includes a summary of “a recent CENTR study discovered a striking parallel between the volume of new domain registrations and global trade. Analysing 5 years of domain name data shows a fall back in the registration of new ccTLD and gTLD domain names roughly around the time Global Trade slowed down after the 2008 financial crisis. Also the subsequent recovery periods suggest a strong connection between macro-economic conditions and demand for domains with new demand occupying a possible predictive role in the relationship.”

“This observation is part of a larger CENTR research on domain name growth during the period 2008-2013 based on monthly data provided by 39 CENTR Members.”

The full Centr news is available for download from: