Brief History of .CN, What Registrars Want And Euro Updates: Centr Monthly Roundup

A brief history of .CN domain name registrations is the feature of the latest Centr report, from its rapid growth from 2007 to 2009 when .CN registrations peaked at almost 14 million, and then the rapid decline that ended in late 2010.And there were 63,383,670 domain names registered with Centr members as of August, a growth rate of 0.37 percent. The largest contribution to this growth in absolute value was .RU and in percentage terms the highest growth over the month was the Serbian IDN .CРБ largely due to the landrush opening.The brief .CN history is written by Hongbin Zhu, Senior International Strategist at CNNIC. In the article, Hongbin notes the rapid increase came about due to the lower pricing but it was found that “domain name abuse had also increased considerably along with the domain name registration, especially in terms of illegal content, Spam and inaccurate WHOIS records. In order to keep the consumer trust, the Registry suspended the ‘1 RMB Experience’ program in 2009. The registrations subsequently fell.”And now registrations have been gradually rising since 2011 due to “the improved brand image as a secure and reliable TLD.”Other features of the report are changes registrars would like to see made concerning pricing and billing, with questions posed including lower prices, volume discounts, growth discounts, more payment methods/options and more flexibility in registration periods.And there is a member news highlights too.To download the full Centr Monthly Roundup for August 2012, go to: