Censorship comes to Jordan: IT industry could take a dive as new censorship laws come into effect

In the censorious Middle East, Jordan has often stood out for its relative press and other freedoms. Though laws in the Kingdom prohibit insulting the king, slandering the government or foreign leaders, offending religious beliefs, or stirring sectarian strife, and books and press are monitored and sometimes censored, citizens are, in practice, fairly free to express their beliefs.For the country’s technology sector, this environment has brought prosperity and innovation. Jordan is, after all, where the first major Arabic-language blogging platform, Maktoob, was born, and one of few countries in the region where foreign companies – such as Yahoo! and Google – have offices. YallaStartup!, a project that seeks to foster entrepreneurship in the region, lists 61 companies in Jordan (most of them tech startups), more than any other country in the region, illustrating how Jordan is leading the way for technology development in the region.

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