CDT: More Thoughts from State of the Net 2010

One of the most highly anticipated panels at last week’s State of the Net Conference was the Judith Krug Memorial Intellectual Freedom Panel, entitled “Global Free Expression: Will the Internet Reign or Get Reined In?”. Held less than one week after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s widely-lauded speech on global Internet freedom and less than one month after Google announced that after suffering cyberattacks traced to the Chinese mainland it would no longer censor search results in China, the panel was a timely and fitting tribute to long-time free speech advocate Judith Krug.Ms. Krug, the late Director of the Office of Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association, the Executive Director of ALA’s Freedom to Read Foundation, and longtime member and former Chair of CDT’s Board of Directors, dedicated her life to the fight against censorship, in libraries and online. She was instrumental in taking the defense of free speech and the First Amendment to the online world and she fought side-by-side with CDT – successfully – for those freedoms all the way to the Supreme Court.To read more of this CDT report, see:

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