ccTLDs Show Slight Growth As New and Legacy gTLDs Decline: CENTR DomainWire

The global market share for ccTLDs has shown a slight growth in the second quarter of 2017, while legacy and new gTLDs have dropped back, largely due to declines in domains under management for .net, .org and .xyz, according to the latest CENTR DomainWire report.

Of the 312 million domain names registered around the world at the end of June, ccTLDs accounted for 40.5% of all registrations, legacy gTLDs such as .com and .net accounted for 52% and new gTLDs the remaining 7.5%.

The largest market for ccTLD registrations is Europe where there around 70 million ccTLD domain names registered ,followed by the Asia Pacific region. But within Europe growth is very slow with year-on-year growth only 1.5%, the lowest of any region. In Latin America it was only slightly better with a growth rate of 1.9% taking the total domain names registered across the region to 8.8 million. In the Asia Pacific there was a growth of 5.2% taking registrations to 39.3 million, North America (11.4% and 4.7 million) and Africa saw a huge 19.4% growth, but only taking registrations to 2.7 million.

For the ten largest TLDs, 7 saw growth in the 12 months to the end of June (.com, .cn, .de, .info, .nl, .ru and .xyz) while 3 saw declines (.net, .uk and .org). For .xyz though there has been a massive decline since. As of 30 June there were 5.663 million registrations according to and today there are 3.315 million, with close to another million listed as “upcoming deletes” which is likely to see the gTLD lose its crown as the largest, dipping behind .top.

Within Europe’s 70 million ccTLD domains under management, there was an overall growth of 1.5% year on year. Market share remains stable at 58% in favour of ccTLD domains with a large variation from country to country. But long-term growth continues to decline although the pace of decline is not as rapid and is continuing to stabilise.

Since the beginning of the year registrations into European ccTLDs from Chinese registrants have also begun declining, dropping overall 16% (a reduction of 16K domains over 30 recorded ccTLDs). At the end of Q2, median ccTLD growth was 3.0% year on year with a handful achieving double digits.

The report offers some possible explanations to the high growth among some ccTLDs. The Finnish ccTLD (.fi) has eased registration policies, .se (Sweden) is seeing effects of increased sales/marketing some time ago and .pt (Portugal) continue to see demand linked to policy changes in 2013, marketing activity and economic conditions. In Armenia, .am attributes some growth to Chinese registrations (although without these domains, growth would still be relatively high at 8.4%) and in Albania the registry has reported increased activity among local business turning to the ccTLD (.al) over gTLDs.

CENTR highlights two other ccTLDs from the CENTR community – .fr (France) and .ca (Canada) both of which experienced above average gains over the past 12 months (5% and 6% YOY respectively).

The full CENTR DomainWire report can be downloaded from: