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COM.AU Australian Property Boom


    * is the “Old Kent Road” to its “Mayfair” neighbour. But that could change soon, reports Stewart Carter.

AUSTRALIAN model, musician, dancer, actress and net entrepreneur Estelle Asmodelle is advertising her domain name for sale.

Her modelling agency business, Supermodel, already has a well-established website at, so she figures she’ll make an easy $10,000 from the .net equivalent.

It’s not going to set any records – not like, say, or which sold recently in the US for $US700,000 ($A762,000) and $US200,000 respectively, or which sold for $US4million earlier this month.

Strictly speaking, Estelle shouldn’t do it. It is illegal to advertise Australian domain names (those ending in .au) for sale – or more accurately, it’s prohibited under the rules of the industry regulator Au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA). A purely commercial trade of domains is also against the rules.

But Chris Disspain, chief executive officer at auDA, said people like Estelle needn’t worry. “The auDA board has recently accepted the recommendations of our review panel to lift the ban on advertising Australian domain names for sale,” he says. Work on implementing the change in policy has already begun and could be finished by as early as June this year. “We’ve got some administrative bits and pieces to work out first, and then there’ll need to be some changes made to the software and systems used at the registrars. We’re also mindful there’ll need to be a program of public education so the general public is aware of the new policy.

“I’m concerned to make sure that we don’t see a situation arising where domain name consumers are ripped off, and conned into paying too much for a domain name. Likewise we want to make sure that we don’t get people conned into selling them for too little. In other words we want to make sure there’s going to be an informed marketplace.”

Industry experts say an informed marketplace is likely to be a real problem to start with, if only because the current auDA policy has been so restrictive.

Bruce Tonkin, chief technology officer at Australia’s biggest domain name registrar, Melbourne IT, says auDA’s current rules restrict transfers of domain ownership to a very specific set of exceptional circumstances.

“The current policy doesn’t allow domain names to be transferred or sold like other business assets. Essentially, you have to sell the whole business to sell the name.

“They have to apply to us for a transfer, and we have to check that the applicant has the authority to transfer the name, and there’s usually some sort of legal deed that has to be attached, along with a statutory declaration.

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Quarter of a million .asia domain names wanted

dotasia.jpgDotAsia, the organisation responsible for the new .asia top level Internet domain says it has received 266,000 applications for registration of .asia domain names in the first 24 hours of its ‘landrush’ phase.
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Launch of .Asia is being undertaken in three main phases: sunrise, landrush and general availability. The sunrise phase was for organisations that have legitimate claims to .asia domains as Government bodies or based on existing brand names and trademarks to register their claims. During the landrush period anyone can apply for any .asia domain not allocated during the sunrise period, and if two or more applications are received for the same name, it will be auctioned to the highest bidder.

DotAsia says it received 266,663 applications in the first 24 hours of landrush, and about 28,000 names received more than one request for registration. Including applications received during sunrise and other earlier phases, it has received close to 300.000 applications. .asia is due to go live in mid March.

DotAsia has also instituted a Pioneers program in which applicants are invited to submit a brief proposal for the domain of their choice with the best proposal winning the right to operate that domain.

DotAsia has talked up the expected value of such domains saying: “Imagine the value and potential for names like,,,”, and many more! The value of domain names have risen to staggering new heights in recent years. fetched $US3 million, took in $US7.5 million and…, acquired in 1999 for $US7.5 million is now estimated to be worth $US300-$US400 million.

“The appreciation in value is not constricted to .com domains anymore. was sold for close to $US1 million earlier this year, while auctioned for $US200,000. With the world’s fastest growing and largest online and offline market, .Asia domains are poised to command even higher values.”

If so they have got a long way to go to reach these dizzy heights. The highest price paid for a .asia domain name to date was $US20,5001 for, and only 10 have fetched more than $US4000. Al ist of upcoming auctions can be found here.

The DotAsia Organisation ( is a membership-based not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Hong Kong. It was created in March of 2004 for the purpose of submitting a proposal to ICANN to operate a new TLD registry for the .asia top-level domain. It has appointed over 100 registries around the world that can accept applications for .asia names.

ICANN and DotAsia signed the .asia registry agreement on 6 December 2006 at the ICANN annual meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil following the ICANN board approving the designation of the .asia sponsored top-level domain on 18 October 2006. DotAsia is the first gTLD registry with a headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Global Domain Name Statistics

The following chart represents current statistics for many of the worlds most popular domains. 

Updated February 2008 from

Domain Amount Registered Country
.com 71.619.962 Global Generic
.de 11.673.388 Germany
.net 10.623.637 Global Generic
.cn 9.001.993 China
.uk 6.486.829 United Kingdom
.org 6.373.837 Global Generic
.info 4.948.539 Global Generic
.eu 2.715.101 European Union

.nl 2.695.568 Netherlands
.biz 1.903.406 Global Generic
.it 1.456.787 Italy
.us 1.375.779 United State
.br 1.230.870 Brazil
.ch 1.056.751 Switzerland
.ru 1.030.951 Russia
.au 1.007.458 Australia
.jp 988.886 Japan
.fr 988.421 France
.ca 943.341 Canada
.kr 930.485 Korea
.dk 864.845 Denmark
.es 805.327 Spain
.mobi 799.551 Global Generic
.pl 762.503 Poland
.be 736.499 Belgium
.at 722.193 Austria
.se 702.199 Sweden
.cz 370.642 Czech
.no 361.118 Norway
.nz 314.053 New Zealand
.mx 231.047 Mexico
.pt 184.650 Portugal
.fi 165.252 Finland
.hk 152.405 Hong Kong
.tr 146.083 Turkey
.sk 140.319 Slovakia
.ie 91.353 Ireland
.lt 65.944 Lithuania

——————————————————————————– Ready for the .ASIA Landrush

    DotASIAMELBOURNE, Feb. 19 / Instra Corporation’s, Asia Pacific’s leading Domain Name registrar, is ready
for the launch of the .ASIA Landrush scheduled on 20th February 2008, the
world’s first domain name extension for the Asia Pacific Region.

    Leona Chen, spokesperson for the DotASIA Organization anticipates a
Huge Landrush. Leona comments, “We are ready for something big. All of our
people and systems are in place, and we look forward to the commencement of
the .ASIA Landrush.”

    With already 30,780 .ASIA domains submitted during the Sunrise Period,
the Landrush is anticipated to be massive, with domain registrars globally
submitting hundreds of thousands of .ASIA domain names. Duplicate Domain
names submitted during the Landrush stage will go into a live domain name

    Chloe Li, Director of Operations for Instra Corporation, commented,
“Today is a special day for us. We have worked hard for this moment, and we
believe .ASIA will become a world leading domain name. We are pleased to
see that the Asia Pacific region finally gets its own unique online

    The scope of the .ASIA TLD has been defined by ICANN, and includes over
70 countries, with coverage from the Middle East, to the Far East and
Oceania regions. Applications will only be considered from organizations
officially registered in one or more of these countries. AsiaRegistry will
provide a Local Address for clients outside of the Asia region, such as for
applicants that are located in America, Europe, or Africa.

    Phillip Parker from Instra Corporation’s AsiaRegistry said, “It’s an
important time for corporations around the world, especially with trademark
and brand infringement occurring on mammoth proportions. It is imperative
that these corporate brands protect their name in the .ASIA Name space.”

    Following the successful European .EU domain launch in 2006, .ASIA is
the next geographic region Top Level Domain to be introduced.

    .ASIA domain names can be registered online at:
    Additional details about the .ASIA domain name can be found online at:
    About Instra

    Instra Corporation is a worldwide player in the Domain Name and ENUM
industry, with its head office in Melbourne, and sub-branches across
America, Europe, and Asia. Instra Corporation is a pioneer of developing
convergence technologies for local presence services.

    Convergence. It is more than just a domain.

    For more information about Instra Corporation and Asia Registry, please

    For more information, please contact:

     Chloe Li
     Tel:   +61-397831800

Domain Name Law and Regulation Seminar & Book Launch

International Domain Name Law - ICANN and the UDRP by David Lindsay cover imageThere will be a seminar on domain name law and regulation, and launch of the book “International Domain Name Law: ICANN and the UDRP”, in Melbourne on Wednesday 20 February for our Australian readers. Continue reading Domain Name Law and Regulation Seminar & Book Launch

How Rampant is Cyber & Typo Squatting? Just Ask WIPO After Reviewing!

Enrico Schaefer imageby Enrico Schaefer
How prevalent is cybersquatting and typosquatting asks Enrico Schaefer in this article in Circle ID? He suggests taking a look at, and then comparing it with the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s web site at Enrico goes on to say, “Ironically, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center handles a majority of the UDRP domain dispute arbitrations internationally. The very organization which is invested with the authority by ICANN to resolve cybersquatting and typosquatting disputes internationally under the UDRP is, by all appearances, being squatted.” Continue reading How Rampant is Cyber & Typo Squatting? Just Ask WIPO After Reviewing!

DotAsia Sunrise Period to January 31 & appoints Dispute Resolution Provider for .Asia Sunrise Challenge Process

DotAsia logoDotAsia has extended the Sunrise period for .ASIA domain names January 31 2008. This Sunrise period is for Sunrise 2b (General Marks), Sunrise 2c (Extended Protection) and Sunrise 3 (Registered Entity Names). The original closing date was January 15. This provides tardy brand owners with the last chance to protect their brand names in .Asia before the Landrush begins on February 20, 2008. Continue reading DotAsia Sunrise Period to January 31 & appoints Dispute Resolution Provider for .Asia Sunrise Challenge Process

MCMC-MYNIC Seminar & Exhibition–Southern Corridor Roadshow 2007

MYNIC logoThe Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and MYNIC Berhad, the .my domain name registrar will be presenting MCMC-MYNIC Seminar & Exhibition – Southern Corridor Roadshow 2007 on 6th September 2007 (Thursday) at Persada Johor International Convention Centre in Johor Bahru with the theme “Get Online: Empower Yourself on the Internet”. Continue reading MCMC-MYNIC Seminar & Exhibition–Southern Corridor Roadshow 2007

Go Daddy & Afilias Announce Joint Venture Creating Alliance Registry in Support of usTLD Bid

Go Daddy and Afilias have announced a joint venture aimed at taking over the management of the usTLD. This news release says they have created The Domain Name Alliance Registry (“Alliance Registry”). It’s a joint venture seeking to assume stewardship of the usTLD, America’s sovereign space on the Internet. Continue reading Go Daddy & Afilias Announce Joint Venture Creating Alliance Registry in Support of usTLD Bid