.CAT Runs Contest for School Children and Teachers Promoting Digital Creation

Currently the Fundació puntCAT, the registry behind the .cat top level domain, is running a contest to encourage digital creation amongst school children and their teachers amongst the Catalan community. And the period to register websites or mobile applications is being extended until 2 February.

The eighth edition of the websalpunt.cat contest boasts three notable new features. For the first time, 5th- and 6th-grade elementary school students may participate. Thus, the puntCAT Foundation wants children in their last elementary school years to start to enter the world of digital creation and not become mere users.

This edition’s second new feature includes the category “Prize to the class with the highest female participation” to promote the participation of girls from primary, secondary, high school and vocational training in the technological projects that are carried out within the classroom.

Finally, this year a series of free trainings related to the creation of websites and applications for interested teachers is being carried out. To date, two webinar training sessions have been held: Treu-li suc al WordPress (Make the most of WordPress) and App Inventor. More information is available for teachers about upcoming trainings can be obtained by emailing info@websalpunt.cat.

The deadline to submit projects is 15 March, whereas the participating projects shall be put to a popular vote from 26 March to 13 April. On 18 April, the names of the three finalists within each category will be published, who will present their projects during the Grand Final Gala, which will be held at Cosmo Caixa on 11 May, whereas a jury will determine the winners.

Register your project on websalpunt.cat