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Australian Cat Ladies Teach Christians A Lesson In Protecting Domains

Australian Cat Ladies logoIt’s a lesson in registering the key domain names relating to your business. Down under a trio of feminists from Melbourne calling themselves the Australian Cat Ladies have registered the domain name after realising the ACL, which has registered both and, had failed to register it.The Cat Ladies describe themselves as a “voice for values (by which we mean ‘cats’)”. The group’s vision “is to see feline principles and ethics accepted and influencing the way we are governed, do business and relate to each other as a community. The ACL aims to foster a more compassionate and just society by encouraging inclusivity, actively working against oppression of all kinds, and disseminating cat .gifs wherever they may be needed.”Unlike the Australian Christian Lobby, the Cat Lovers recognise “the validity and right to exist of all families, whether they be straight, LGBTQ, childless, single parent, single cat, multiple cat or catless. The ACL actively encourages family values such as love, consent, communication, regular nap times, and scratches under the chin/behind the ears.””The ACL believes all love is equal, but the love between a lady and her cat(s) is more equal than others.”In response, the Christians Lobby have said they’ve no intention to buy the domain name registered by the Cat Ladies and that they will continue to use their existing website to communicate with members, according to a News Ltd report.Site co-founder Hilary Bowman-Smart told News Ltd “the founders’ intention was not to embarrass the ACL but ‘we would certainly not be upset if we did'”.”We’re really not fans of them,” she said.She said the lobby had made no attempt to buy the domain name, even after she set up the site.Ms Bowman-Smart said the reaction had been positive but they had received “a couple of comments about our godless nature”.”We thought it would be very funny and we were sort of bored and we wanted to form a club of young Twitter feminists who love cats (this is us).”She said she bought the domain while bored and waiting for a bus, after a discussion with co-founders about the lobby.”I just find the whole thing extremely funny.”