.CAT – 25,000 registrations and counting

.CAT reached it’s 25,000th domain name registration today (October 31), less than two years after launching.”It is a marvellous achievement,” said Jordi Iparraguirre, Director General of Fundació puntCAT, “but we are even more pleased with the number of pages in Catalan as well as our ratio of pages per domain name which is in the top ten for TLDs around the world.The number of websites in Catalan is particularly important for Fundació puntCAT as their aims are to promote the use of the Catalan language around the world, as well as uniting Catalan communities around the world.It is achieving a high number of pages per domain and uniting the Catalan community that is even more pleasing to Mr Iparraguirre..CAT domain names started their first sunrise period on February 13 2006, while registrations to the general public commenced on April 23, also known as St Jordi’s Day in Catalan, or St George’s Day in other parts of the world. St Jordi is the patron of Catalonia.Anyone is able to register a .CAT domain name, but it is a requirement that registrants include a significant amount of content in the Catalan language.Also, internationalised domain names, or IDNs, were available for registration in .CAT domains from the very first day ensuring residents could use the non-English characters in the Catalan or Spanish languages.More information on Fundació puntCAT or .CAT, is available from their website here.