Latest Six-Figure Domain Name Sale announced yesterday that Moniker, an Oversee company, has successfully brokered the sale of to Infomeda Ltd.

The sale follows’s sale in November last year for $235,000. While the sale shows some demand for .MOBI domain names, their popularity is dwarfed by popular TLDs.

Moniker founder Monte Cahn handled the US$135,000 transaction, which represents one of the highest prices paid to date for a .MOBI name. Other premium .MOBI sales include (US$100,000 in 2007), (US$85,000 in 2007) and (US$60,000 in 2008).

Infomeda plans to use the name as an online portal, with location-based information for bricks-and-mortar casino locations, reviews of mobile casinos as well as “fun money” casino-style games and gaming tools. The site has launched a beta version, and an official release is expected later this month.

“This is a very strong sale for both parties in this transaction,” said Cahn. “Gaming enthusiasts are very interested in online applications, and continually growing interest in the mobile Web indicates that the site will perform well when it launches.”

dotMobi CEO Trey Harvin concurred with Cahn and added, “It’s great to see the value of .mobi names recognized in dollars. It’s even more meaningful to see the name used to identify content that takes advantage of mobile phones and gives game-players a one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be duplicated on a desktop PC.”

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