sold for €400,000

Baslev Media logoFollowing hot on the heels of the record-breaking sale of for almost US$10 million comes the sale of for €400,000 (US$591,000). It is inaccurately claimed to be the record price for a .de domain name – the record goes to another gambling-related domain name,, that sold for €695,000 in 2007. However it is the fifth highest reported domain name sale of 2008 with all five sales by private sale. was bought by Danish internet company Balslev Media who consider their outlay a bargain. “The value of the domain consists of several things; first of all it’s the perfect brand name — it’s short and it describes exactly what we do. Furthermore, many people will find our Web site even if they don’t know anything about us through direct traffic, which is when people type in a keyword domain name in their browser and find a service provider without searching for it first. Additionally, the high price is based on the popularity of online casino and poker gambling on the Web,” says webmaster Jan Balslev.

The mission with the new Web site is to guide gamblers through the jungle of online casinos and poker rooms by offering independent and thoroughly researched information about gambling online.

The new Web site owner sees himself as a gatekeeper for gamblers who wish to play casino and poker games online — without gambling on where they are betting as well. Due to the lack of international regulation, there is a growing demand for independent information, therefore it is of great value to online casinos and poker rooms to be reviewed at As with all Internet commerce, trust is essential. is a German language version of the English language guide to gambling Both sites offer comprehensive guides for gamblers such as free training games, visual casino game instructions and gambling tips. As the owner puts it “A land-based casino or an online casino is not the place to learn the rules for blackjack, or any other casino game for that matter.”

In the past the domain name has had several different owners, among others Deutsche Bahn — the German state rail company, and until recently, an offshore company.