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It was 7 weeks in a row where the top reported domain name sale was below the 6-figure mark, and some weeks not even reaching $50,000. And now, it’s 2 weeks in a row for 6-figure sales. Last week saw top the chart selling for $160,000 and for this week, the week ending 29 September, there was a half million dollar sale topping the chart, with coming out tops selling for $565,000 through Name Ninja, putting it firmly in the top 10 sales for the year to date. The buyer, reports DNJ, was a popular SaaS firm named Carrot that previously used

But while sold big, it didn’t drag any other sales along with it, as the second and third biggest sales were, which sold for $68,495 through NameJet and ($37,500 through Uniregistry).

On the aftermarket side of things there were 6 sales each through NameJet, Uniregstry and Sedo. On the top-level domain (TLD)side of things there were 17 .com sales as well as 2 .co and one .ai sales.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 29 September in more detail, go to: