Canadians caught in the throttle

Having the highest-quality Internet connection is a must in today’s world of teleworking and home-based businesses. Many businesses and workers rely on their Internet service providers to provide them with the high-speed service they pay for, but are ISPs delivering what they promise?As more and more Canadians begin using their high-speed Internet for applications that use a large amount of bandwidth, some ISPs are starting to pick and choose who gets full use of their high-speed access, while limiting or “de-prioritizing” others.The battle so far has been fought over users’ abilities to download and upload torrents. see Michael Geist’s response to this article which says in part:
… What is a consumer to think when the company’s website says nothing about the issue but promotes its services as offering “blistering speed for sharing large files and much more”, while personnel alternately say that Rogers bandwidth shapes, doesn’t traffic shape, prioritizes traffic, and/or reserves space for some traffic?

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