Canadian Registry Sued After Denying Registrar Recertification

CIRA logoThe Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is being sued for C$10 million by a former registrar whom it denied recertification.

The registrar, Brandon Gray Internet Services Inc, had its licence terminated on 10 September, according to a court document, reports “In the statement of claim, Brandon Gray says CIRA provided no reason for the termination and asks for damages for breach of contract and harm to its business reputation.”

According to the report, the registrar was denied recertification for a process CIRA refers to as “domain slamming”. “The Markham, Ont.-based registrar includes the Domain Registry of Canada (DROC) amongst its 25 resellers. Many dot-ca domain holders have received solicitations from the DROC, offering to renew their registration and take over as hosting provider. Complaints presented CIRA in its court document claim the advertisements closely resemble invoices, and other registrars have warned their customers about the mailings.”

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