Canada’s ccTLD Grows 5.3% in 12 Months, Almost Double Global Average

Canada’s ccTLD, .ca, had a bumper year in 2017/18, growing by 5.3% in the 12 months to the end of March to 2,736,980 domain name registrations making it one of the fastest growing ccTLDs. This compares to the overall the domain name market in Canada which grew at 1.35% while globally ccTLDs (in 2017) grew 2.4%.

Not only are registrations growing rapidly for the country code top level domain, total registrations for the 12 month period hit a record 537,941 registrations compared to the previous high of 511,900 in FY12.

“As the stewards of the .CA domain worldwide, we are thrilled to see that Canadians are embracing their national identity online,” said Byron Holland, president and CEO, CIRA. “We are proud to represent our country on the global internet stage and to help build a better online Canada.”

Canada’s ccTLD is managed by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and it enforces a strict Canadian Presence Requirement that ensures only residents, businesses or organisations in Canada can register a .ca domain. As part of its mandate to build a better online Canada, CIRA provides over one million dollars in grants every year to digital projects across Canada as part of its Community Investment Program.