Can you really enjoy watching a pirated film when you’re helping destroy the industry that made it? by Mike Weatherley MP, former Intellectual Property Adviser to the UK Prime Minister

Throughout my time as Intellectual Property Adviser to the Prime Minister I always sought to raise awareness of how damaging online piracy is to the creative community and to the UK.A key part of my role has been to work with industry and Government to adopt effective measures to address this issue. Although we have made some significant steps in the right direction, far too many of the films, TV shows, music tracks, books and sports broadcasts people consume online still infringe copyright.In a series of reports I have outlined some specific areas that need to be addressed; we must cut off the revenues that illegal sites make from advertisers and payment processors; search engines must work with rights holders to stop directing consumers to illegal sites; and we must educate consumers about the importance of respecting copyright online.

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