Can this Australian census now be trusted?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says its meltdown on Tuesday night was the result of a hack attack. ABS chief statistician, David Kalisch says there were four distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks during the day.It handled the first three, but the fourth, in the evening, was so severe that the ABS made the decision to shut its systems down. see:Did the Census really suffer a denial-of-service ‘attack’?
Last night, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) closed the 2016 Census website. No explanation was given at the time, except for a message on the page saying “the system is very busy at the moment”.This morning, the ABS’s head statistician, David Kalisch, announced that the site had been brought offline by four distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. says no: Australian census shambles explanation depends on who you ask
Questions persist over the government’s explanation for the failure of the census as the minister responsible scrambles to reassure Australians of the security of their data.The Australian Bureau of Statistics shut down the census website on Tuesday night after hundreds of thousands of people attempting to complete the five-yearly snapshot received error messages. takes aim at IBM, ABS over Census
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shifted his tone on the Census debacle, with the PM telling a press conference that “which heads roll where and when” will be determined by the government review into the website meltdown that left most Australians unable to complete the Census.

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