Can the all-seeing, all-knowing Google be trusted to rule the world?

It has been a busy week for Google.It started last weekend, when a Google employee typed a single backslash in the wrong place at the wrong time. This act resulted in the Google website marking every page on the internet as potentially harmful. The internet was no longer a safe place. Google, the web’s gatekeepers, said so.The breakdown only lasted for around 40 minutes and the company spent the rest of this week trying to make it up to humanity. In just a few days, Google gave us the ability to virtually plunge the depths of the oceans and then track the every movement of friends and family using our mobile phones. It also found time to map Mars and helped set up a new university to prepare scientists for an age when machines are cleverer from man.All of this frantic activity displays how pervasive and powerful Google has become. No government or organisation in history has held so much information about us. Through its search engine, Google knows our likes, dislikes, even our vices.

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