Can Microsoft be a mobile hero?

In a rapidly changing smartphone landscape, Microsoft looks like a laggard. Why does it seem so unfazed?The smartphone landscape is changing rapidly with the arrival of the T-Mobile G1, the first phone based on Google’s Android software, and the huge success of Apple’s iPhone business. And if both of these take big slices of the smartphone market, that leaves less for everybody else – unless they can find a way to respond.Research In Motion (RIM) is already in motion: it has spent the past couple of years moving into the consumer market with hot new products such as the BlackBerry Bold and Storm. Nokia, the world’s largest phonemaker, has targeted high-end users with the E71, N95 and N96 and similar phones. Nokia has also taken control of the Symbian smartphone operating system and is making that open source as well. Meanwhile, Microsoft has … done not very much at all.

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