Can Digg Find Its Way in the Crowd?

… Digg, however, says it is still very much in the game and is trying to regain buzz by transforming itself into an alternative social network. The August redesign, called V4, is the first step. The default page for the new Digg is a “My News” link that shows what stories your friends are “Digging,” a feature intended to put less focus on the site’s “Top News” pages.The site also now lets top publishers automatically Digg their RSS feeds, resulting in a fire hose of content streaming toward the site that gives Power Diggers less sway in story selection. Digg also did away with a “bury” feature that let so-called “bury brigades,” like the right-leaning Digg Patriots, keep stories that they disliked off the site. The site also temporarily eliminated individual rankings that cataloged users’ average number of daily Diggs and the percentage of stories they made popular, stripping power users of valuable measurement tools.

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