Call for Domain Owner Code of Rights and Responsibilities by Robert A. Connor

Robert A Connor’s article on Circle ID “discusses grassroots progress toward the development of a ‘Domain Registrant’s Code of Rights and Responsibilities.'” He says the “Code is an effort to create a balanced combination of the rights that domain name registrants should enjoy and the responsibilities that domain name registrants should fulfill.” Further, he says there’s a demand for such a code going by surveys on domain-related forums that “show far greater grassroots consensus than one might think between what might be called the “domainer” and “intellectual property” communities.” Such a code would improve the internet for everyone. While there are limits, such a Code “should say that registrants should not infringe trademarks by cybersquatting domains and trademark holders should not try to hijack domains by over-reaching trademarks.”For the full article on Circle ID, go to

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