Cable providers continue rapid takeover of American ISP landscape

Turns out many Americans are not just ditching their landlines, but also the broadband service that comes over those same copper wires, in favor of higher speeds offered by cable providers.The Associated Press reported late Monday that new data from the quarterly earnings of phone and cable companies indicates that the eight largest American phone companies collectively lost 70,000 DSL subscribers between April and June 2012 (the second quarter). The company hit the worst, AT&T, lost 96,000 — while the other seven on average added a few thousand each. During that same period, the top four public cable ISPs, including industry giant Comcast, reported a gain of 290,000 subscribers during the same period.To continue reading this Ars Technica report, go to: see:Phone companies see first broadband loss [AP]
Phone companies are losing the high-speed Internet game. In the second quarter, the landline phone industry lost broadband subscribers for the first time, as cable companies continued to pile on new household and small-business customers, thanks to the higher speeds they offer in most areas.The flow of subscribers from phone companies to cable providers could lead to a de facto monopoly on broadband in many areas of the country, say industry watchers. That could mean a lack of choice and higher prices.

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