.BZ Domains not associated

By Wayne Harrison

According to the ICANN framework for ccTLD’s each country has a ‘delegatee’ ( this is the rather odd word that they use), who is responsible for ensuring that the ccTLD is used to reflect the unique cultural identity of the country and in the best interests of the Internet community of the country, and an ‘administrator’, appointed by the delegatee, who is in charge of the technical aspects of registering domain names, running the name servers etc.

Our previous investigations appear to show, the .bz domain is not being used in a manner that reflects the cultural identity of Belize and in accordance with local law, it is the responsibility of the delegatee to correct the situation.

It is unclear how the University College of Belize became the delegatee of the .bz domain. In the normal course of ICANN ccTLD matters, the Government of the country bearing the country code is supposed to appoint a delegatee.

The article can be found : http://www.reporter.bz/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=2791&Itemid=2