Business should fund domain name police, says expert

A technology law expert has called on the business world to set up a policing outfit to tackle cybersquatters reports OUT-LAW.COM. The call comes as Dell raises the stakes in the fight against domain hoarders, demanding compensation of $1 million per name in a lawsuit.John Mackenzie, an intellectual property and technology law expert at Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind OUT-LAW.COM, said that businesses should band together to tackle the multi-million dollar cybersquatting industry pro-actively.”What is really needed and what may occur is a trade organisation pushing a policing function whose only purpose is to chase these people,” said Mackenzie, saying that it could be similar to business-funded copyright protection groups such as the Business Software Alliance.
“Brands have no choice,” he said. “This is turning from the opportunistic registration of domains with people making small amounts of money in garden shed operations into activity from highly sophisticated organisations who are operating around the world.”To read the full story in OUT-LAW.COM, see