Burr In, Tonkin Out on ICANN Board

ICANN logoHe’s about to complete his third three-year term on the ICANN board in November, the limit anyone is allowed to serve. So Melbourne IT’s Chief Strategy Officer Bruce Tonkin will be replaced on the board by Becky Burr, Neustar’s Deputy General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer.

Burr has been elected by registries, and registrars to serve on the Board of Directors. Burr has long been an advocate for private sector leadership and a restrained ICANN, having been involved since its creation, first as the head of NTIA’s Office of International Affairs in 1998, and most recently providing leadership for enhanced accountability as part of ICANN’s transition to a fully independent multi-stakeholder body. She has been a strong proponent for contracted parties throughout ICANN’s history, including as a legal advocate for individual registries, and for the Registrar Stakeholder Group in negotiating the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement. Becky has also been active on behalf of country code top-level domains, serving on the Country Code Name Supporting Organization Council since 2006.

“Very few people have the breadth and depth of experience across the ICANN eco-system that Becky brings to the table,” said Lisa Hook, CEO and President, Neustar. “Becky’s dedication to the ICANN community over the years, her willingness to speak truth to power, and her demonstrated success in bridging differences and building consensus across the ICANN community uniquely qualify her for this role. I have no doubt that Becky will represent all stakeholders with the utmost integrity, transparency and leadership,” she added.

Becky Burr will commence her role on the Board in November 2016, when Bruce Tonkin, who has ably represented ICANN’s Contracted Parties House for the past nine years, steps down.

“I am honored to represent ICANN Registries and Registrars and to serve the entire ICANN community on the ICANN Board,” said Becky Burr, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Neustar. “The IANA transition and the important accountability reforms now underway place us at an important constitutional crossroad. I am delighted to have the opportunity to be an advocate on the Board for enthusiastic partnering with the community to finish this important work,” she added.

“Becky will be a valued addition to the ICANN Board,” said Dr. Stephen D. Crocker, ICANN Board Chair. “She has been involved with ICANN for decades, most recently working on efforts to enhance the organization’s accountability and the development of a proposal to transition the stewardship of some key Internet technical functions from the U.S. government to the global Internet community.”