Bureau of Meteorology target of 2015 cyber attack, Australian Prime Minister confirms

The Federal Government has confirmed for the first time the Bureau of Meteorology was the target of a cyber attack.Last year, the ABC uncovered a state-based intrusion into the Bureau of Meteorology that infected its entire computer network.The threat is persistent, aimed at stealing information, and will cost hundreds of millions of dollars to fix.
http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-21/australia-admits-it-can-launch-cyber-attacks-turnbull/7343620Also see:Australia puts $230m towards fighting cybercrime, including 50 extra police
A $230m cyber security strategy, which includes cash for more specialist cybercrime officers in the Australian Crime Commission and the Australian federal police, has been announced by the government.The crackdown is designed to tackle cyber crimes including malware which attempts to force users to pay a ransom, “hacktivism”, denial of service attacks and theft of data or intellectual property through cyber espionage.

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