BT denies paving way for internet fast lane

BT today rejected claims it is paving the way for a “two-tier” internet by creating a service that will allow broadband providers to charge the BBC, Google and other content companies for better delivery of their video to the nation’s homes.The telecoms company’s wholesale arm is starting to sell a new service that allows broadband providers – such as Virgin Media and Sky – to put video from paying clients, like the BBC’s iPlayer or Google’s YouTube, in an internet fast lane.To read this report in The Guardian in full, see: see:BT denies new Internet offer to create 2-tier Web
A new service from British telecoms provider BT that allows Internet service providers to pay for higher-quality video delivery will not create a two-tier Internet, BT said on Tuesday.BT was responding to concerns raised in a Financial Times article that its new wholesale offering violated the principle of “net neutrality,” which says all Internet traffic should be treated equally.

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