Brussels TMCH Meeting Summary Notes

A recent meeting hosted by Deloitte on 20-21 August in Brussels between the technical providers of registry and registrar services and the ICANN-selected vendors for the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) service (Deloitte and IBM) has been summarised by Jeff Neuman, Vice President of Business Affairs at Neustar.Highlights of the meeting as summarised by Neuman were:

  • Meeting attended by front-end or back-end registries representing 90% of the ICANN new gTLD applications
  • ICANN Agreement with Clearinghouse providers will be made public, but needs amending to include SLAs, fees, etc.
  • Front end system for trademark owners to begin entering trademark data is scheduled to begin in October
  • ICANN’s planned implementation models for Sunrise and Trademark claims not supported by the new gTLD Registries because they are too complex and burdensome
  • Neustar and ARI presented alternative implementation models which have significant advantages for both trademark owners and new gTLD Registries
  • Deloitte/IBM open to considering a transactional fee model as opposed to fixed fee per TLD

More work needs to be done by all sides; follow up meeting to be scheduled in next few weeks.More details on the meeting including who attended, where the process is up to, summaries of presentations, discussions on sunrise periods and much more is available in Neuman’s notes at