Bruce Willis to take on Apple over iTunes inheritance (actually, no he’s not!)

Reports that veteran Hollywood actor Bruce Willis is reportedly looking to take on Apple in a bid to pass on his vast music collection to his children after his death have been disputed. The claims, which were originally reported by The Daily Mail have been debunked by Willis’ wife via Twitter.Emma Hemming has taken to Twitter to pour cold water on the claims made by British media earlier today that her husband Bruce Willis was considering legal action against Apple over the rights to his iTunes account after his death. She said in a tweet that the report made by the Daily Mail is “not a true story.” see:No, Bruce Willis isn’t suing Apple over iTunes rights
On hearing the “news” that Bruce Willis (you know, the film star) was going to hurtle into Apple’s lift shafts (even if it doesn’t have any – does it have any? Anyhow) and intended to sue the company so that he could leave his iTunes collection to his children, what did the world’s news organisations do? Ask Bruce Willis? Ask his agent?Nah. Why bother with that when you can just repeat the story? Much easier just to rewrite, rephrase and repeat. (This may remind you of something) Pretty much everyone seems to have done this. (Yes, yes. The Guardian too.) Willis may sue Apple over iTunes downloads [ANI]
Bruce Willis, who is more usually seen escaping from explosions and battling terrorists to save the world, has now taken to the considerably quieter world of the courtroom in his latest battle.The 57-year-old actor is said to be considering legal action against Apple over his desire to leave his digital music collection to his daughters. Bruce Willis leave his iTunes music to his kids?
Bruce Willis has vanquished terrorists, basement rapists and the defenses of Cybill Shepherd. But in his three decades in Hollywood he may not have faced as daunting an opponent as Apple.According to an unconfirmed report in a British publication, Willis wants to bequeath his extensive iTunes music collection to his daughters — something that’s not permitted under the current iTunes terms.

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