Bruce Schneier’s book: The Internet has created ‘the largest trust gap’ in history

Technology, often made possible through networks, grants new powers to communicate and learn, to travel, to make decisions of critical importance, to make things, provide services, sell them and buy them. In a modern society, it’s all done against a backdrop of trust not only that the technology is reliable and secure, but that the people involved in every process, whether we meet them face-to-face or not, are trustworthy. That trust is largely created by societal pressures — ranging from codes of moral behavior and laws, plus worries about reputation, for example.Trust is at the heart of security, argues Bruce Schneier in his latest book, “Liars and Outliers.” But the Internet, in particular, is making it easier and easier for the liars — he criminals, the attackers, the cheats and the “defectors” from societal norms of trust — to thrive. And in his book, Schneier doesn’t let corporations and government off the hook, either, calling them some of the biggest “defectors” of all from trust.To continue reading this Network World report, go to:

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