Broadband users overtake dial-up in Australia

Broadband has for the first time outstripped dial-up as the main gateway to the internet for households, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said.In 2006-07, 43 per cent of Australian homes had a broadband connection compared with 20 per cent with dial-up during the same period.,24897,24064868-15306,00.htmlInternet access at home in Australia
Abstract: The Internet has become increasingly important in recent years as a way of accessing information, communicating and buying goods and services. A growing proportion of Australians have access to the Internet at home. The rate of access has quadrupled in recent years, from 16% of Australian households in 1998 to 64% in 2006-07. The rate of Broadband Internet uptake has also increased. This article examines geographical and socioeconomic factors that determine who has access to the Internet and who is missing out.INTRODUCTIONIn recent years, the prominence of the Internet as a vehicle for accessing information, communicating and undertaking commerce has continued to increase. Some government services, such as E-tax, child support and a range of Medicare functions, are now available online. News services, Internet shopping, and personal communication such as email, instant messaging and social networking sites are also increasingly a feature of people’s daily lives.Internet access in the home is dependent on a range of factors such as affordability, the reliability of Internet connections and service providers, and the interest and capability of potential users of the Internet. Socioeconomic characteristics, such as family composition, educational attainment and income are also related to rates of household Internet access.The type of Internet service people have access to is also significant, with Broadband connections considered to have superior performance capabilities compared to dial-up. Successive governments have recognised Broadband rollout across Australia as an important issue.To read this report in full, see

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