Broadband uptake slows along with progress on speeds

As richer countries reach saturation, there’s little sign of the roll-out of enhanced fibre-based networksThe global growth in broadband connections has begun to slow – indicating that richer countries have almost reached saturation point with the present generation of the technology, while China and India have yet to see a comparable explosion in always-on users.Data from the broadband analysis group Point Topic, based in London, shows that in the third quarter of last year the number of global broadband connections grew by 4.72%, to 328.8m, compared to a 5.16% increase in the previous quarter.”The rich countries have got broadband – there are none of them left behind any more,” explains Tim Johnson, the company’s founder and publisher. “But other sources of growth such as China and India have gone through a rapid phase and penetrated the middle class, but aren’t nearly saturated in terms of the number of users.”

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