Broadband in Australia below par: Cisco study

Several industrialised countries, such as Great Britain, Spain, Australia and Italy, offer broadband speeds that on average are just below what is necessary to make good use of broadband applications, according to a study.These applications include watching videos on YouTube, video chatting and small file sharing.Sweden and The Netherlands have the best performing broadband internet connections in Europe, helped by investments in high-speed fiber-optic links and upgrades to cable TV networks, the study found.To read this story in Australian IT in full, see,24897,24346895-15306,00.html.Australia in list of countries lagging behind in supplying speedy broadband [IDG]
Broadband speeds in the U.K., Italy and Australia and many other countries are barely keeping pace with the demands of Web-based applications and video services, whose bandwidth needs are expected to only rise, according to a new survey.The survey, sponsored by Cisco Systems, focused on the broadband speeds that users averaged in 42 countries rather than just broadband penetration, the often-used figure for measuring the maturity of a country’s Internet infrastructure.;560839903;560839903

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