Britons increasingly fearful of internet risks, Ofcom research shows

British people are increasingly fearful of the risks posed by the internet, prompting greater support for more regulation following recent headlines about the theft of personal data and abusive online behaviour.

Research by the media regulator Ofcom found 78% of Britons expressed unprompted concerns about potentially harmful online experiences, a substantial rise from the previous year.

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People's online experiences revealed
Internet users in the UK are increasingly worried about being online, new research suggests, with around four in every five harbouring concerns.

The joint study by Ofcom and the Information Commissioner’s Office indicates the proportion of adults concerned about using the internet has risen since last year, from 59% to 78%.

Similarly, 61% of adults have had a potentially harmful online experience in the past year. The figure rises to 79% among children aged 12-15.

Most adults (59%) however, agree that the benefits of going online outweigh the risks, and 61% of children think that the internet makes their lives better.

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