Briton Loses Twitter Case, but Wins Following

The troubles of Paul J. Chambers began on a cold night in January, when his attempt to visit a woman from Northern Ireland he had met online was thwarted by a snowstorm that grounded flights at his local airport. Mr. Chambers’s first reaction, as in many things in his life, was to address the issue on Twitter.”Robin Hood Airport is closed,” Mr. Chambers, then 26 and a financial supervisor, said to his 690 followers, who included the woman, known on Twitter as @crazycolours. “You’ve got a week to get your [expletive] together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!” see:UK councillor’s tweet leads to arrest as airport joker loses appeal
A Conservative councillor has been arrested over a Twitter post that called for the stoning of a journalist, while another Twitter user has lost his appeal over a conviction for a message that said he would blow up an airport.Birmingham councillor Gareth Compton posted a message after hearing journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown claim on the radio that Prime Minister David Cameron did not have the moral authority to chastise the Chinese government about its human rights record because of the torture allegations surrounding the behaviour of the forces which invaded Iraq.

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