British Telecom Wants to Watch; Begins Third Phorm Trial

While Internet providers in the United States have backed off, for now, from the idea they may be able to make money by selling information on where their customers surf on the Internet, British Telecom is still moving forward with the idea.It announced Monday that it would begin testing an ad monitoring system developed by Phorm, which also has deals to work with two other big Internet providers in Britain. Phorm is going to monitor every most of the Web sites that customers visit and every most of the search terms they enter. It will test the system with 10,000 customers. It said it expects to roll out the system to all customers after studying the results, but it didn’t offer any schedule.To read this New York Times article in full, see to kick off fresh Phorm trial
Telecoms giant BT is about to start further trials of a controversial internet advertising technology.Developed by Phorm, the Webwise system watches what people do online and shows adverts tuned to their interests. rolls out next BT trial tomorrow
When we had the government’s verdict on Phorm’s ad-targeting technology two weeks ago, and the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform had decided, in its infinite wisdom, that the service does not breach European data laws and is “legal, appropriate and transparent”. rolls out Phorm web tracking
Thousands of BT broadband customers are to have their internet usage tracked so they can be sent targeted online advertising in a final trial before the service is launched network-wide.BT customers will be invited to take part in the trial of Phorm’s controversial advertising system Webwise from tomorrow. to begin third Phorm trial
After a delay of more than half a year, BT on Tuesday will begin another trial of the ad-serving tech that has been opposed by peers, privacy groups, and think tanks.,1000000189,39495675,00.htm

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