British Prefer .UK Domain Names, Says Nominet

British consumers prefer to use a .UK domain name when searching for information online the latest Nominet annual report claims.The annual report says that 77 per cent of British internet users prefer to use a website with a .UK Top Level Domain compared to a .COM TLD, with 83 per cent of women and 71 per cent of men preferring a UK domain. Research conducted by Nominet shows that British internet users believe a .UK website is more relevant and trustworthy, presenting the most appropriate and local information.As well, the 2009 annual report showed .UK domain name registrations increased by 10.7 per cent, slightly above the global average for country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) of ten per cent. CcTLDs with the greatest growth were the Russian Federation (.RU) with an increase of 40.5 per cent year-on-year, then Poland (29.1%) and Brazil (25%).CcTLD registrations outstripped growth of generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) with the latter growing by six per cent. The average across all TLDs was eight per cent.However growth in registrations has declined significantly over the last three years from a peak of around 40 per cent per year to the current eight per cent. However this still meant there was an additional 13.5 million new domain names registered worldwide in the past 12 months.In the ccTLD market, Germany (.DE) regained the number one position following China’s (.CN) decline in registration numbers, with the decline possibly due to the ending of a registration promotion. The United Kingdom (.UK), the Netherland (.NL) and the European Union (.EU) followed.Phil Kingsland, Director of Marketing and Communications at Nominet, comments: “It’s encouraging to see that despite market saturation and the global economic recession, the .uk registry and other ccTLDs have remained strong. The report demonstrates that both consumers and businesses are willing to invest in ‘local’ domains because they are seen as reliable, relevant and trusted and will give them a direct route to their target audience.””The findings show that businesses must now pay attention to Internet brand awareness and marketing strategies that are in line with consumer expectations. It is a global marketplace, but what we are seeing is that consumers trust and rely on a more local touch point with a brand.””We look forward to working closely with the Internet community next year to uphold this trusted reputation and continue to make the Internet a safe place for all.”The full Nominet 2009 Annual Report is available for download at: register your .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

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