British Police Crackdown On Fraudulent Websites in Leadup to London Olympics

British police have “closed around 2,000 sites set up by criminals and purporting to sell luxury goods, and are monitoring hundreds of others that have popped up on the web with the [Olympic] games in mind,” The Guardian reported.The report notes that “hundreds of websites that could be used to dupe visitors to next year’s London Olympics” have been identified.”We think there is some evidence to suggest they are waiting to commit fraud,” Janet Williams, the deputy assistant commissioner at the Metropolitan police, told The Guardian. “These websites have been set up and are in a holding position, and we will monitor them to see if they are used for criminal purposes.”Williams’ unit has a staff of 106 and “is working with other agencies, including the government communications headquarters GCHQ, to intercept traffic that might point to an attack on London’s infrastructure.”

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