British police chief warns of rise in cyber crime

Britain is facing a rising tide of online crime such as bank fraud committed by computer hackers, the country’s most senior policeman has warned.Sir Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said organised crime gangs were increasingly turning to the internet in pursuit of illegal profits. see:E-crime detectives as vital as bobbies on beat by Sir Paul Stephenson, Metropolitan Police Commissioner
A thinly-stretched team of police experts is tackling the fast-growing problem of cyber crime, according to the Metropolitan Police CommissionerFour criminals obtained the personal financial details of hundreds of people, allowing them to identify up to £8 million they could steal. They siphoned off £750,000 from 64 victims before police arrested them.In another operation, detectives working with the financial sector found a network of 600 criminally-controlled bank accounts waiting to be used to ‘cash out’ the proceeds of cyber theft.

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