British music labels demand ‘notice and stay down’ piracy policy from Google

Days after US music industry body the RIAA criticised YouTube over its music royalties, British equivalent the BPI has fired its latest shots at parent company Google over piracy.The BPI is returning to a familiar line of attack, claiming that Google is not doing enough to remove links to piracy sites from its search engine.It says it has reported more than 200m infringing links to Google since July 2011 under the search engine’s “notice and takedown” policy, where it removes individual links when notified by copyright holders. see:BPI Hits 200 Million Google Takedowns, Calls for “Notice and Stay Down”
In its ongoing efforts to have pirated content removed from the Internet, the BPI is about to hit a new milestone. This week the music industry group will report its 200 millionth URL to Google. Although the takedown notices are processed swiftly, the music industry group believes “urgent reform” is needed to properly address the piracy problem.Despite the growing availability of legal music services in many countries, record labels are facing a constant stream of pirated music.In an attempt to prevent these infringements, BPI and other music industry groups send millions of takedown notices to Internet services every month. Most of these requests are directed at Google.

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