British LulzSec ‘hactivists’ caused websites to crash across the world for their own amusement

Four “modern day pirates” launched cyber-attacks on the CIA and global corporations stealing huge amounts of sensitive data and causing websites to crash across the world for their own amusement, a court heard today.The British computer hackers, belonging to a collective known as LulzSec, targeted News International, Sony, Nintendo and the FBI among other high profile victims in a series of sophisticated raids mounted from their bedroom computers. see:Lulzsec hacker group handed jail sentences
British hackers who were behind a series of high profile cyber-attacks in 2011 have been sentenced.The four men, Ryan Cleary, Jake Davis, Mustafa al-Bassam and Ryan Ackroyd, were part of the Lulzsec hacking group.Cleary was jailed for 32 months, Davis for two years and Ackroyd for 30 months. Al Bassam was given a 20-month suspended sentence. trial: sentence handed down for UK hackers
On Thursday, after a two day trial, a British court sentenced four hackers with ties to the LulzSec hacker group. Three of them were given jail time while one was given a suspended sentence. LulzSec made waves in 2011 with several major hacking campaigns.The harshest sentence was given to 21-year-old Ryan Cleary, known as “Ryan” and “Viral” online – two years and eight months imprisonment, of which he has to serve 16 months. Cleary was not a full member of the group, but he occasionally let them use his large-scale botnet. The police also found level 3 and 4 child pornography on his computer; the judge appointed a separate date to handle that case.

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