British Library makes Google search deal

Thousands of pages from one of the world’s biggest collections of historic books, pamphlets and periodicals are to be made available on the internet.The British Library has reached a deal with search engine Google about 250,000 texts dating back to the 18th Century.It will allow readers to view, search and copy the out-of-copyright works at no charge on both the library and Google books websites. see:British Library and Google bring 18th-century hippos to the web
An 18th century treatise on the Prince of Orange’s interest in a stuffed hippo will join one of the first modern constitutions and pamphlets on Marie Antoinette as part of an ambitious project to make 250,000 books in the British Library available online for the first time.The library and Google said they were linking up to digitise out-of-copyright books from the collection, making them available to both specialised researchers and the simply curious. signs up British Library to books project
Google plans to digitise a quarter of a million books from the British Library’s collections covering a period from the French Revolution to the end of slavery as part of its ambitious books project.The search engine giant has already scanned 13 million books through partnerships with more than 40 libraries around the world, which it makes available through its search results.

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