British hacker’s hopes fade as Home Secretary says he is powerless to stop extradition

Hopes of a reprieve for Gary McKinnon, the British computer hacker facing extradition to the US, were dashed last night after the Government said that it was powerless to intervene.Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, has written to Mr McKinnon’s family to say he is unable to prevent extradition on human rights grounds. The process will now resume, though Mr McKinnon is unlikely to leave straight away because his lawyers are expected to appeal. see:Geoffrey Robertson: An immoral and unlawful decision
The Home Secretary has decided he is powerless to stop the extradition of Gary McKinnon to Virginia, where he will be denied bail and sentenced to at least 10 years’ imprisonment for an offence that would not deserve custodial sentence in Britain and notwithstanding the fact that he has Asperger’s and is very likely to commit suicide.This decision is morally wrong because his case cries out for compassion. It is also mistaken in law, because the Government has overlooked the most fundamental right of a British citizen, guaranteed by the 1689 Bill of Rights, not to be subjected to any punishment which is “cruel and unusual”.

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