Bridging Brazil’s digital divide

This week the BBC World Service’s Digital Planet programme is in Brazil. Here the show investigates how the country’s enthusiasm for technology is now reaching schoolchildren from all backgrounds.There are an estimated 45m PCs in Brazil, making it the world’s fifth biggest market for computers.The more striking number, however, is the fraction of the population that does not have access to technology.”Last year’s figures showed that 59% of Brazilians have never accessed the internet or used a computer,” said Rodrigo Assumpcao, head of a committee that advises President Lula’s government on what they call ‘digital inclusion’. Planet: Bridging Brazil’s digital divide
A special edition of Digital Planet from our BBC studio in São Paulo in Brazil with presenter Gareth Mitchell and studio expert Bill Thompson down the line in the UK.Despite Brazil’s enthusiasm for technology, around two thirds of its population have yet to use the internet.Gareth meets the government’s top technology adviser to hear how he plans to bridge the country’s digital divide.

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