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Breitbart Survey On IANA Transition Shows Biased Polls Get The Result You Want

The ultra-right news website Breitbart recently conducted an opinion poll asking its equally right wing readers what they thought of the recent transition of the IANA functions from the oversight of the US government to a global multi-stakeholder group.The American right, led by former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, were and still are vociferous in their view that Obama was giving away the internet to the Chinese and Russians, and Breitbart agreed with some loaded questions to reflect this.So it’s hardly surprising a poll conducted on 3 October with loaded questions suggesting the giveaway meant the Chinese, Russians and Iranians could take over the internet, that 71 percent of respondents thought it a bad idea and seven percent a good idea.The poll question asked: “The United States will relinquish its administrative control over the Internet to a private organization where other countries, which could include China, Russia and Iran, will have influence for the first time on the management of the Internet. Do you think this is a good idea or not?”Another question asked whether “this [is] an example of America’s weakening leadership in the world,” 51% of registered voters agreed, 36% disagreed, and 13% were unsure.