Brazil’s Ban on U.S. Internet Services May Prove Futile

Brazil’s government is considering installing new hardware locally to reduce the country’s dependence on U.S. services for Internet access. The move comes in response to reports that the U.S. government had intercepted emails and phone calls of Brazilian citizens, its state-run oil company and the country’s president, Dilma Rouseff.In order to bypass the U.S., Brazil is considering several steps, including opening local data centers that would be subjected to the country’s privacy laws, removing sensitive data from the cloud and storing it locally, and potentially creating a BRICS cable connecting to the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok through a series of cables running through South Africa and Asia. see:Brazil May Require Google, Facebook to Store Data Locally
Brazil may require Internet service companies such as Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. to set up local data storage centers, a senior government official said today.

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