Brazilian Judge Lifts Suspension of WhatsApp

A judge lifted the nationwide suspension of WhatsApp in Brazil on Tuesday, allowing the popular messaging service owned by Facebook to get up and running again.The ruling, from Judge Ricardo Múcio Santana de Abreu Lima, overturned a lower court order that had led to WhatsApp being blocked on Monday afternoon. The suspension was supposed to last 72 hours. see:Brazilian Judge Overturns 72-Hour WhatsApp Suspension
Following an appeal from WhatsApp’s lawyers, on Tuesday afternoon a Brazilian judge overturned a suspension previously handed down this week that would’ve blocked usage of the messaging app for 72 hours.According to Reuters, on Tuesday afternoon a “different judge from the state tribunal intervened” and canceled Monday’s ruling. CEO urges Brazilians to decry WhatsApp block
Facebook Inc’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg called on Brazilians to demand his company’s WhatsApp messaging service never be blocked again after an appeals court on Tuesday overturned the application’s second suspension in five months.In a post in English on his Facebook page, the U.S. billionaire and Facebook founder urged Brazilians to gather outside Congress in the capital Brasilia at 6 p.m. (2100 GMT) on Wednesday to rally in favour of legislation that would prevent Internet services from being blocked.’s latest WhatsApp ban is pushing users to other encrypted messaging apps
WhatsApp successfully appealed a ban that left millions of Brazilians without access to the messaging service. An order from judge Marcel Montalvão required the nation’s mobile phone operators to block WhatsApp for 72 hours starting on Monday due to a dispute over access to communications related to a drug investigation. It was overruled Tuesday by a judge at a higher court, after WhatsApp appealed for a second time.But even during the short time that Brazil’s ban on the Facebook-owned app was in effect, people still found other ways to access the type of encrypted messaging features that triggered the block in the first place.

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